Registered Nurse Infection Control Professional – Infection, Prevention, and Control – Full Time


  1. Maintain current knowledge of Infection Prevention and Control, legislation, standards, guidelines, best practices, trends, benchmarks, appropriate research, literature and accreditation requirements.
  2. Participate and collaborate with other health care providers in the provision of patient care and employee safety.
  3. Participate in ongoing quality improvement and risk management activities.
  4. Review architectural/construction plans for potential impact on infection handling (i.e.) sinks, isolation rooms, etc.
  5. Review existing processes and care programs for compliance with infection prevention and control practices and make recommendations as necessary.
  6. Present infection control needs/issues to appropriate administrative personnel and the Infection Prevention and Control Committee.
  7. Communicate and complies with reporting requirements of Communicable Diseases
  8. Represent the SAH and acts as a liaison with community agencies, public health laboratories and other health care institutions.
  9. Conduct regular on going surveillance which identifies and records health acquired infections and reportable diseases for reporting mandatory obligations
  10. Track, analyze, and prepare reports on a monthly basis.
  11. Prepare information and reports on infection control activities to the Infection Prevention and Control Committee.
  12. Investigate potential outbreaks and implement infection control strategies based on established policies, procedures and guidelines.
  13. Perform targeted surveillance activities at the request of the Infection Prevention and Control Committee.
  14. Implement isolation precautions for patients in accordance with the standards and review existing processes for compliance of Infection Control practices.
  15. Conduct infection prevention and control audits including hand hygiene audits.
  16. Develop educational materials and provide infection prevention and control education to staff, volunteers, physician and students.
  17. Participates as an active member on hospital committees and working groups where infection control expertise is required.
  18. Provide one–on-one resource consultations for staff and committees.


  • Bachelor of Science Nursing program BSc(N) degree and
  • Certification in Infection Control (CIC) through the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology (CBIC) in good standing 
  • Current Certificate of Registration in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario


  • Minimum 5 years’ experience in a hospital or related health care facility with at least three years involvement in infection prevention education or project work.


  • Computer literacy in a Microsoft environment.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Demonstrated clinical competency in the management of care of patients relating to infection prevention and control.
  • Demonstrated commitment to continuing education with emphasis placed on courses/conference relation to infection prevention and control


  • Ability to work effectively and efficiently as a team member in a fast paced environment in stressful situations.
  • Ability to maintain successful working relationships with the interdisciplinary team to achieve positive patient outcomes.
  • Ability to organize time effectively to perform the duties of the position.
  • Ability to meet and interact with people in a pleasant, professional, responsible and reassuring manner.
  • Ability to read, write and communicate to perform the duties of the position.
  • Knowledge of patient care requirements and specialized equipment as appropriate to the clinical area.
  • Knowledge and understanding of the standards of practice of the College of Nurses of Ontario.
  • Ability to work a flexible schedule.
  • Behaviour consistent with Hospital Mission, ICCARE Values and Standards of Performance.

Note:  Because of the changing nature of the work and work to be done, other responsibilities and duties may by assigned and qualifications may be adjusted from time to time. Only those selected for the test/ interview will be contacted.

Nurses will be selected on the basis of their skill, ability, experience and qualifications as identified in the resume which they have attached to the posting application form. The Hospital reserves the right to conduct a formal interview and/or testing where required.

This position is covered by a collective agreement. Applications from outside the bargaining unit are welcome, but can only be considered if the position is not filled from within the bargaining unit.